Director, BCSIR laboratory in Dhaka
Chairman, Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)
 The signed
Annual performance contracts 
July 1, 016 - June 30, 017

BCSIR laboratory performance, the overall image of the country
(Overview of the Performance of BCSIR Laboratories Dhaka)
(3 years)
BCSIR laboratory in Dhaka's main asset is the central silpagabesanara through the use of science and development, innovation and transfer of technology and industry. The goal of the last 3 years, 70 endadi projects, 12 special grant projects have been implemented and the Annual Development Programme 2. And skilled human resources with a view to making the Fellowship of 13 people, 120 people, MSc, and PhD research has been tattbabadharana. The business expansion of exports to imports of industrial entrepreneurship AP institutions, and public and private sector total of 4000 samples were analyzed. 34 analysis parameters ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation certificate, 4 and 5 patents of new technologies to achieve, and 4 technology, the industry has been handed over to udyektadera, also aimed at the expansion of sustainable technologies 1 shows the appropriate technology.
Problems ebancyalenjasamuhah
· Laboratory services to increase the capacity of the international standard unnatikaranera
· Higher education and training resources Creating daksamanaba
· Invented Technology Commercialization Services
Future Plans
· BCSIR laboratory has been established as the capital of international standards laboratory.
· Sustainable technology innovation, development and technology transfer, and socio-economic development through the creation of industrial entrepreneurship
20162017 potentially major fiscal Achievements
30 research and development projects, published 40 scientific articles, processes 5, -3 T patents, Fellowship 8, MoU 6, 1200 at the art of problem solving, laboratory upgrading 3, MS / PhD edit 50
Proposal / upakramanika
Director for Scientific and Industrial Research of Bangladesh, Dhaka
Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) paksyeceyaramyana of the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in the 016 on July 7 of this year's performance agreement is signed.
The signatories to the agreement, the two sides agreed to the following subjects:
Section -1
BCSIR laboratory Dhaka Vision (Vision), objective (Mission), Strategic Objectives ebankaryabali
1.1 Vision (Vision)
Yugopayugi research and analysis services to give international standards aimed at improving the Lab
1. objective (Mission)
Other fields of science and technology, respectively, physical, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, polymer fiber, nano-materials, the yugopayugi research, laboratory development, skilled labor force, the country's industrialization and the development and transfer of technologies and provide assistance.
1.3 Strategic Objectives (Strategic Objectives)
1.3.1 Strategic purposes of BCSIR
Increasing the capacity of scientific and technological research
Eco-friendly and sustainable socio-economic development and the spread of technology
Science and technology infrastructure development
132 Essential Strategic Objectives
1. Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the annual performance daksatarasange
II. Udbhabanaoabhiyogapratikareramadhyamesebaramanonnayana
3. Daksataonaitikatara Development
4. Tathyaadhikara implementation of disclosure and self motivated
5. Arthikabyabasthapanaraunnayana
1.4 Functions (Functions)
1. Industrial production and use of domestic raw materials import option to technology transfer silpadoktadera
II. Large, medium and small-scale industries to provide a variety of assistance
3. Provide international analysis service
4. Assist in the development of skilled human resources
5. Poverty alleviation and women's empowerment through technology transfer
6. Provide assistance to create public awareness through seminars, symposia
7. Arsenic alleviation of technology and performance verification gungatamana
8. Modern equipment and related training services on offer