Fibre & Polymer Research Division

Fibre & Polymer Research Division is one of the largest divisions of BCSIR Laboratories, Dhaka. At present, R & D Activities on the Diversification of  Jute, Development of 60-70 grade Polymer-modified Bitumen for sustainable Road/Pavement construction, Effective utilization of Non-biodegradable plastic wastes, Development of Polymer-additives for Plastic & Rubber industries, Development of Jute (RMG waste)-based products,  Production of Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Varnish, Lacquer and Adhesive grade Polymers/Polymer-based Chemicals/Materials, Development of Food, Drug & Cosmetic-grade Natural Dyes & Pigments, Development of Detection Kit to detect Health-hazardous Chemicals in Fruits, Development of Polymer-based Agro-chemicals, Development of low cost technology for Textile Effluent Treatment, etc. are going on in this division.